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Are you considering a solar panel installation in Los Angeles, but need a roof upgrade to go with it? Because an outdated roof can waste energy and cause you to bleed money, there’s no better time to construct a new one than when you’re making the solar switch. And with convenient, integrated solar roofing solutions from All in One Energy Pros, your entire project is made easier.

While many solar panel installation companies simply install solar panels on top of your existing roof, our all-in-one solar installation service offers you the best of both worlds. Our experts are as skilled in roof construction as they are in solar energy system design, allowing us to handle your entire project and provide consistently excellent service from start to finish. The end result? A beautiful new solar-enabled roof that matches perfectly with your solar panels and ensures optimal efficiency of your energy-saving system.

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    The benefits of solar roofing.

    Get the results you deserve with streamlined, all-in-one roof and solar installation

    Installing a new roof and enabling it with solar power has never been easier. From start to finish, our team will manage your entire project to deliver the most consistent results possible. Using only the best quality solar panels and roofing materials, our timely construction process allows you to minimize life disruption and begin enjoying the benefits of solar roofing quicker.

    • Maximize efficiency, increase value: An outdated or poorly insulated roof can leak heat and thwart your energy-saving efforts — even if your home uses solar panels. This means sunken costs for you. Our team helps you avoid this and multiply your cost savings with an energy-efficient roof that pairs perfectly with your new solar panels.
    • Save money on your electricity bill: A solar-enabled roof harnesses the power of the sun to deliver clean energy to your home. With our high-emittance roof construction, we’ll help you take better control of your electricity bill, allowing you to identify areas for conservation and bring down your energy costs.
    • Help the environment: Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy that a Los Angeles homeowner can use to power their home. When you opt for solar roofing, you’re not just doing good for your wallet — you’re also doing your part to combat the climate crisis.

    Energy-Efficient Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

    How would I know if I need a new roof?

    Here are some signs you would know you need a new roof:

    - Shingle edges are curled, or shingle tabs are cupped
    - Bald spots where granules are missing
    - Cracked shingles
    - Your roof is at least 20 years old. While many shingles today are produced for durability, many factors can accelerate the aging of shingles. For example,
    if your roof is not properly ventilated, it can negatively impact your shingles.
    - The roof just looks old and worn
    - The roof is leaking

    Who is the best roof manufacturer on the market?

    Owens Corning is the best roof cool top shingles manufacturer. Owens Corning invented glass fiber and glass fiber insulation over 50 years ago, and the Owens Corning brand has long been synonymous with trusted performance. Today, Owens Corning is a $6 billion company with 16,500 employees around the world - a global leader in residential, commercial, and industrial building materials ranging from insulation to roofing to manufactured stone veneer.

    Are you a certified contractor with Owens Corning?

    Yes, All In 1 Energy Pros are proud to be certified with Owens Corning and offer Owens Corning products.

    What warranty do you offer on your shingle roofs?

    Owens Corning offers the best warranty on the market. And we as a preferred contractor will provide you with the longest warranty. The Owens Corning warranty is 50 years with 10 years on the workmanship and material defects, and an additional 40 years on material defects.

    What type of underlayment do you use?

    We use a special synthetic underlayment called Titanium from Owens Corning, which is the best underlayment on the market.

    Why should the roof have ventilation?

    Ventilation benefits a roof when it's hot outside. Unventilated or poorly ventilated attics don't have an escape route for the heat that builds up. This buildup of heat can damage your shingles from the inside out. An evenly vented roof will allow the hot air to escape keeping your roof and attic cooler. That is why we are at All in 1 Energy Pros install a ridge vent that will allow your roof to breathe evenly.

    Do you replace only shingle roofs?

    No. All in 1 Energy Pros replace any type of roofs: tile, flat, metal. Please ask our team of professionals about the type of roof you would like to replace.

    What type of financing do you offer?

    We offer different types of financing with 0 down options. We have Pace programs – not based on your credit score (a county program that allows you to finance your project by using your home equity and your payment will be added to your property taxes). Unsecured options – based on your credit score. Our team of professionals will tailor the best financing option to your needs.

    Do I have to schedule an appointment at my house?

    It would be up to you. All In 1 Energy Pros gives you an option! You can choose to schedule an appointment at your home or to schedule an appointment in our LA showroom. Both options are FREE and will allow you to receive all necessary information to make your house more energy efficient with more understanding of which type of products will be used and which type of financing would work the best for you.

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