5 Benefits of Investing in a Solar Operations and Maintenance Package

January 15, 2021
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Many homeowners who purchase quality solar panels usually don’t need to pay much attention to their systems, as they tend to require little maintenance for 25 years or more. However, other homeowners desire the peace of mind that comes with upgrading to a solar operations and maintenance (O&M) package. O&M packages are basically protection plans or home owner’s insurance for your solar panel systems.

Who Needs an O&M Package?

A common theme of many homeowners who installed solar panels is that they tend to install and forget their panels because the maintenance required is low. However, solar panels might not perform as well as many homeowners anticipate, and this underperformance is usually due to subpar equipment or environmental issues.

For these individuals, O&M packages will help by performing repairs to any part of the underperforming panels – including the inverters, and the panels themselves. A good O&M service provider may also offer periodic checkups to your system to ensure it functions at its peak performance. Here are five benefits that may come with an O&M package.

1. Cleaning

Most high-quality solar panel systems don’t require cleaning, because regular rainwater is a sufficient cleaner. However, if you live where excessive dust or debris is in the air, your system might be underperforming as a result. In this case, an O&M service provider will keep your panels clean to increase their performance power.

2. Pest Control

An issue that many solar panel owners deal with is rodents and birds making nests in their systems and calling them home. These nesting rodents can lead to possible electrical issues with solar panels. An O&M service provider can help humanely remove these pests and prevent more from popping up.

3. Site Visits

Some O&M plans will include regularly scheduled visits to check up on solar panels. These visits will let solar panel technicians diagnose any issue that currently exists or predict any future ones. Eventually, this saves money in the long run by addressing issues before they compound.

4. Checking Electrical Systems

Solar panels contain intricate wiring and electrical systems. A good O&M plan will provide periodic checks and inspections of your panels that are connected to the grid as well as your home. These checks will help ensure your panels operate at peak efficiency and provide you with the power you need to run your business or home.

5. Maintaining Solar Inverters

Solar inverters tend to degrade faster than panel systems themselves, so regular checkups of inverters are necessary. Your O&M service plan should include inspecting and replacing your inverters, to make sure your panels are converting energy from the sun into usable electricity.

Is a Solar Service Package Important?

Before you decide to add an O&M plan, contact your manufacturer to check on your warranty. Manufacturers tend to prioritize new solar customers over maintaining existing ones, so an O&M plan provides you with the maintenance you need that might not be covered after your original installation.

Do you still have questions about whether to add an O&M plan to your solar panels? Give the solar experts at All-In-One Energy Pros a call today.